Month: July 2023

How does biodiversity change globally? Detecting accurate trends may be currently unfeasible

Monitoring is a common part of nature conservation practise. It tells us a lot about species richness in the study area. But based on a study, these data might be too incomplete and deficient to provide a precise picture of global biodiversity.  More information at or in Jose et al. (2023)

New study identifies key success factors for large carnivore rewilding efforts

Large carnivores play crucial role in ecosystem. Unfortunately, their abundance has declined over recent decades. Their reintroduction has been a widely debated topic across the UK as well as across Europe. This study identifies the top factors determining the success of their reintroduction. Details at or in Thomas et al. (2023) Photo taken from

Global wetlands losses overestimated despite high losses in many regions

New analysis shows the U.S. has accounted for more wetland conversion and degradation than any other country. Its findings help better explain the causes and impacts of such losses and inform protection and restoration of wetlands. Read more at Photo taken from