To connect the scientific and conservation community across the states into one strong and reasonably interconnected whole, because we all have the same goal – the rational protection of our nature and biodiversity


To prepare and implement a comprehensive nature conservation reform based on the latest scientific practices that have revealed the original conservation methods that have already been overcome within Europe and around the world


To organize first the European and then the World Congress named Conservation of Nature in Practice and to create specialized sections as well as national and regional branches wherever it is needed

Latest News

New IPPC report about global warming of 1,5°C

The new IPPC report was released and you can read it there. Problem of the land degradation is highlighted there, same as deforestation and we should act now, before it’s[…]

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Successful reintroduction of chequered skipper butterflies in U.K.

Conservationist from Butterfly Conservation succesfuly brought back once extinct butterfly Carterocephalus palaemon back to England nature. Read more at The Ecologist

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Reintroduction of wildcats in England

After 150 years, the wildcats coming back to England. Conservationist Derek Gow, who is an expert on mammal reintroductions, is building England’s first wildcat breeding complex in Devon. In three[…]

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